Kalideh Palace, Madhya Pradesh

Kalideh Palace

Built by Sultans of Mandu in 1458 AD, this palace is situated on the bank of River Shipra. Unfortunately this palace was demolished during the reign of Pindaris, but it was again restored in 1920 by Madhav Rao Scindia. You can see a predomination of Persian architecture here, especially in the central hall, which is surrounded by a number of galleries. Although in present times also, this palace has lost its charm in the lonesomeness of the torrents of River Shipra, but it has religious connotation as well. People from nearby areas visit this place to take a holy dip in one of the tanks of the temple, which is known as “Surya Kund”.

This renewed majestic monument holds two very important Persian inscriptions, which state clearly about the visit of Akbar and Jahangir to the palace.  The impressive scene of the curving river on the two sides of this grandiose Kalideh palace, along with artificial tanks and channels, with water mumbling through them, offers spectacular backdrop to this magnificent building.

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