Visvaroopa Baktha Anjaneyaar Temple, Tamil Nadu

Visvaroopa Baktha Anjaneyaar Temple

A famous temple, Visvaroopa Baktha Anjaneyaar Temple is dedicated to Hindu god Hanuman and is situated at Nanganallur. Statue of Hanuman which is sculptured from a single rock of granite is 32 feet tall and is installed inside the shrine. The deity of this temple is believed to possess special powers and is considered as a healer. Other deities that are worshiped here are Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lakshmana, Lord Raghavendra and Sita.

A 90 feet tall tower is also present here. Anjaneya as well as the main entrance of the temple faces west. A secondary entrance is also present on the southern side of the temple and is used on festival days. Lord Rama as a ruler and a protector is depicted here, hence the lord is known as "Kothanda Rama" by the local residents.A visit to this temple is believed to assure better health. Therefore people never miss a visit to this temple.

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