St. Thomas Mount Chruch, Tamil Nadu

St. Thomas Mount Chruch

Christianity in India was introduced by St. Thomas, who landed in Kerala in 52 AD. In the St. Thomas church the mortally remains of the saint are believed to be placed. Inside the church a visible imprint of the saint’s hand is present near the entrance.

This church lies near the Chennai International Airport and was constructed in the year 1523 by Portuguese. A mount that was named after St. Thomas houses this beautiful church. As this place was ruined in 14th and 15th century, the remains of the saint were shifted to a new tomb by constructing a new church.

At the northern side of the mount, a gateway is present which has four arches that are surmounted by a cross which bears the date 1547. This place is famous as religious destination as well as tourists spot and people from all over the country visit it to seek Lord’s blessings.

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