Puttaparthi Sairam Temple Sundaram, Tamil Nadu

Puttaparthi Sairam Temple Sundaram

There are three basic temples established by Sathya Sai Baba in India. One has been built in Mumbai, the other one in Hyderabad and the third in Chennai. Mumbai temple is also known as Satyam, one in Hyderabad is known as Shivam and the third one is known as Sundaram. Sundaram is considered as a beautiful house of Sairam and this temple enchants its admirers with calmness and power. Common belief is that one can attain peace of mind and tranquility on their visit to this holy place. People in large numbers visit this temple, especially on Thursdays and Sundays and religious bhajans are organized in the temple. The word Sundaram means beauty in exalted form. Temples that have been established by Sairam are famous all over India. People from all corners of the country visit these temples and offer prayers and take blessings of Sairam. Moreover the construction of this temple has been done as a magnificent piece of art, so this temple is worth watching.

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