Periaapaalayath Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu

Periaapaalayath Amman Temple

Periaapaalayath Amman Temple is located in Chennai and is a favorable tourist place. The temple is devoted to Goddess Periaapaalayathamma. Mother Shakti is portrayed in a ferocious form, yet is believed to be affectionate and concerned like a mother. There are monuments of other gods like Shiva, Ganpati, Kartikeya, and so on. Nine planets of the solar system are worshipped here. Maruti worship performed here is somewhat special and is done with substantial grandiosity. Shivratri, the marriage of ShivShakti, is observed with devotion. This temple is of great religious importance. There are shrines of most of the deities and the worship of various important gods in Hindu mythology is done here. Moreover the planets which are important according to astrology are also worshipped, which prove the greatness of this temple. People from all over Tamil Nadu visit this temple to offer prayers and take the blessings of their deities.

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