Nizhal Thangal, Tamil Nadu

Nizhal Thangal

Nizhal Thangals are the temples which represent the equanimity among the people of different faiths and castes. These temples show the classic nature of this southern state of India. The thinking which led to the construction of such temples was the disparity that was present between different castes in ancient India. The temples do not have any statues of Gods and there are no priests employed. The only thing that is present there is a saffron cloth placed on a chair with a rudraksha mala over it, behind the chair is a mirror that is hung on a wall. People refer this God as Narayana, and it is considered as a combination of the Tridev that is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. These temples make use of the language that is local to that particular place, rather than using Sanskrit unlike most of the other temples in India. Nizhal Thangal serves as community centers also and various social service activities are performed in these places.

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