Kapaleeshwara Temple (Kapali Temple), Tamil Nadu

Kapaleeshwara Temple (Kapali Temple)

Kapaleeshwara Temple (Kapali Temple) is positioned in south Mylapore, which comes within Chennai city. It is a sacred place, the history of which dates back to 13th century. The main God worshipped in this temple is Lord Shiva. Karpagambal, companion of the lord, is the other major deity in this temple. The design of this temple serves as an example of the Dravidian trend of ancient times. Shrine’s central part has a tank built on it, typical entrances on the sides, gopurams and courts. A tall pillar (gopuram) is sculpted with coats of gods, goddesses and saints. Bronze statue of Shaivaite saints can be witnessed at the temple enclosure. A Punnai tree, one of the oldest trees in Chennai, stands in the temple courtyard. A small shrine exists in the tree that portrays the luminary that gave Mylapore its name.  An annual festival is celebrated in which lamps are lighted and set for floating in waters.

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