Church of Our Lady of Expectations, Tamil Nadu

Church of Our Lady of Expectations

Built by the Portuguese, this church offers an incredible view of Madras city and can be reached after climbing 130 steps of granite. Portuguese first discovered this place called ‘home’ which comprises of a cave and a mountain and constructed the church here. This church has great historical and religious value. According to history, St Thomas went to Chennai and used his finger nail for sculpting a cross of stone. The cross was expected to ooze out blood for around a hundred years. Followers of Christianity have great belief in this church; it is a common belief that people who worship in this church can witness great positive changes in their lives. Therefore this church is visited by a large number of people who come here to pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. People of different castes and creeds visit this Church to offer their prayers and take blessings of the lady.

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