Crocodile Bank, Tamil Nadu

Crocodile Bank

Crocodile bank is located 40 kilometers away from Chennai. It is said to be the largest site for crocodile breeding in the sub continent. Main objective for creating such a bank was to preserve the crocodile species that are endangered and educate people about the role played by crocodiles in maintaining the ecology of water bodies. Crocodiles have a characteristic of feeding the fish that are sick, weak or injured. A number of species of crocodiles are present here that people get to watch. A snake farm is also set up in this park; the main aim of the farm is to prepare drugs which are used for curing snake bites. This park is really useful in various aspects as crocodiles save the fish and snake-venom is use to produce life saving drugs. Tourists should tour to this bank so as to see different types of crocodiles and snakes.

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