Pulicat Lake, Tamil Nadu

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is situated towards the north of Chennai. It is a salt water lake and ranks second biggest in the Indian sub continent. The charming beauty and the fauna across the lake are enjoyable. This lake is known for its multifariousness and is one of the top ranking lakes in entire Chennai. Various species dwell in this lake, for example the aquatic animals, reptiles, various birds and mammals etc. There are some migratory birds as well which pay a visit to Pulicat once in a year. However one cannot visit this lake at any time and the appropriate time to tour this lake is from October to March. It is a beautiful lake and presents the beauty of nature in its best form. Locals visit this lake to enjoy the scenic beauty and witness the wildlife which is delightful to the eyes. Tourists from rest of India planning to tour Chennai should visit this lake to witness its incomparable beauty.

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