Ripon Building, Tamil Nadu

Ripon Building

Ripon building is a rectangular shaped building with dimensions of 252 ft. by 126 ft and located in central Chennai. This building is white in color and very gorgeous in its appearance. It is a combination of 3 types of architectural plan - Gothic, Ironic and Corinthian. The place is currently being changed to headquarters in Chennai. Since the structure of the building is so huge the walls have been made with stock bricks, which are plastered with lime mortar. The roofs have been given the support of teak wood pillars. The flooring is done with marble. There are different flooring styles on separate floors. On the 1st and 2nd  floor, it is done with pressed terracotta. To decorate the building a strong clock of 8 feet diameter has been fixed along with 132 foot tower. The clock is fitted with a mechanical key system which needs to be set every day. This is truly an amazing structure which is worth watching.

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