Wai, Panchgani, Maharashtra

Wai, Panchgani

Location: Wai is situated at a distance of 10 Km from Panchgani and can be easily reached by hiring a cab or by car.

Description: Wai is better known by the name of Dakshin Kaashi due to the presence of umpteen temples here. Majority of temples located in Wai flaunt the Hemadpanti style of architecture. This architectural style is very popular across South India and is recognized by the usage of huge numbers of slabs made from stone. There are four temples located near Brahmanshahi Ghat and these are Chakreshwar, Chimneshwar, Kaunteshwar or Harihareshwar and Kaleshwar. Besides these four temples, there are many more temples located near the Krishna River and all across the town. At a distance of approximately 17 km there is a small settlement called Borgoan, located in the heart of Dhom Dam and Balkawadi Dam. The region serves as home to four cascading waterfalls and people use the waterfall’s water for drinking purpose too.

Activities: A festival called Jatra is celebrated here with great enthusiasm. The celebrations last for two days and loads of people come here from all cities and towns of Maharashtra. Wai is a charming place and due to this fact several Hindi Films have been shot here.

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