Paragliding, Maharashtra


Location: Mahabaleshwar is blessed with umpteen locales where the exciting activity of paragliding can be carried out.

Description: Paragliding is an enthralling adventurous sport and adventure freaks from all across the globe especially halt at Mahabaleshwar to enjoy this activity. A number of local operators are present here to help people enjoy paragliding and that too with all their safety being taken care of. They have their own reserved areas where they take their clients. Proper training is provided prior to beginning the session of Paragliding. The prices one needs to pay for paragliding will surely differ from one local operator to another operator. So, do not forget to check their past records and safety standards before finalizing any one. Monsoon season is not at all suitable to enjoy paragliding and it is only best to enjoy the beauty and go for local sightseeing in and around Mahabaleshwar.

Activities: The local operators serve different paragliding enthusiasts. Some offer paragliding to experts or people who have already tried their hands at this activity, while others offer paragliding for beginners as well. All the preparations are made by your chosen operator. They provide you with the right instrument, safety gears and other necessary things required for an amazing experience of paragliding.

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