Panchganga Mandir, Maharashtra

Panchganga Mandir

Location: Panchganga Mandir is located at a distance of 4.8 Km. from Baghdad Point while it is nearly 4.2 Km. away from Elephant’s Head point. The temple can be easily reached using cabs or cars.

Description: Panchganga Mandir is also famous by the name of Old Mahabaleshwar temple. Umpteen local folks, devotees and tourists visit this temple and seek the blessings of the almighty. The temple is popular due to the presence of holy waters from five distinct rivers of India and the water comes out of a cow’s mouth which has been constructed using stone. The holy water present here is a mixture of the waters of River Krishna, River Savitri, River Venna, River Koyna and River Gayatri. All these rivers flow close to the Mahabaleshwar mountainous terrain. The name Panchganga has been derived from a combination of two distinct words, one is Panch meaning five and the other is Ganga meaning river. This is the reason why the temple is called Panchganga Mandir. This temple was constructed by a king named Singhandeo. The Maratha Ruler, Shiva ji renovated the temple in the 16th century.

Activities: All the visitors offer their prayers to the deity of the temple and seek his blessings. After paying homage at the temple, Mapro Garden located nearby and famous for the cultivation of strawberries and mulberries can be visited.

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