Lodwick Point, Maharashtra

Lodwick Point

Location: Lodwick Point is located at a short distance of nearly 5 Km. in the western side of the town of Mahabaleshwar.

Description: Lodwick Point was known by the name of Sydney Point in the past. It is named so to pay tribute to General Lodwick, who was the first officer from the British Army to climb this mountain and reach this point. To honor the brave spirit of Lodwick, his son got a column constructed here. The column is approximately twenty five feet high and at the base of this column, Lodwick’s head has been sculptured using marble. This point is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and thick cover of forests. It is the perfect place to catch magnificent views of the Elphinstone Point and Pratapgad Fort. No other place in Mahabaleshwar can give you a better view of these two destinations and it is a reason why this point is full of visitors almost each day.

Activities: One can enjoy carriage drives on the pathway leading to the Lodwick Point. The strong cool breezes that blow in this region can make you feel thoroughly refreshed. Photographs can be clicked here as the scenic beauty of place is truly mesmerizing.

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