Hunter Point, Maharashtra

Hunter Point

Location: The famous Hunter Point lies in the western side of the second highest peak of Mahabaleshwar Region, i.e. Connaught Peak. One can easily reach this point via Old Mahabaleshwar Road.

Description: The Hunter Point is located at an altitude of roughly 1290 meters and promises dazzling views of the nearby places and natural surroundings to the visitors. The Hunter Point is loved by local folks and the tourists as well and continues to remain a very favorite destination for everyone visiting Mahabaleshwar. The natural beauty of Hunter Point leaves all visitors spellbound. This point is enclosed on all sides by mesmerizing valleys, thick and dense forest cover and woods along with high mountain peaks. It provides one of the most spectacular views of the nearby valley named Koyna Valley. In a nut shell, it is a perfect place to rejoice for nature lovers.

Activities: Nature lovers must spend some time at Hunter Point. Many photographers, especially the fans of nature photography, love to come here and click beautiful pictures of the scenic natural views and surroundings, like Koyna Valley. In the proximity of Hunter Point some other interesting locales of the Mahabaleshwar Region are located and a few of them are Bombay Point, Parsi Point, Wilson Point, Lingmala Falls, etc.

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