Elphinstone Point, Maharashtra

Elphinstone Point

Location: Elphinstone Point is located at a distance of nearly 3.21 Km. from Arthur’s Seat in Mahabaleshwar and from Frere Hall it is approximately 11 Km away.

Description: Elphinstone Point has been named after the Governor of Bombay during the colonial rule, named Sir Elphinstone. This point was discovered by Dr. Murray back in the year of 1830. It is enclosed by the breathtaking Koyna valley on the left side, whereas by the Savitri valley on its right side. Umpteen tourists visit Elphinstone point to get a glimpse of Pratapgarh. Located at this point are a number of high cliffs and they arise from Konkan Region, which is present 2500 feet below the valley of Koyna. The bungalow located here served as an accommodation for the visitors of this Point; however, provisions are being made to replace this bungalow with a brand new picnic shed. 

Activities: People come along with their families to Elphinstone Point to spend quality time in the lap of Mother Nature. If you are fond of natural surroundings then it is an ideal spot to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul. If you have a passion for photography then too Elphinstone point can give you mesmerizing views to be captured by your camera lens and to be cherished all your life.

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