Dhobi Waterfall, Maharashtra

Dhobi Waterfall

Location: The mighty Dhobi Waterfall is situated at a distance of 3 Km from Mahabaleshwar and is a popular attraction of this region.

Description: The Enchanting Dhobi Waterfall is a must visit place on your trip to Mahabaleshwar. The water from this waterfall falls into a valley called Koyna and then finally joins the River Koyna. Witnessing this breathtaking scene is an opportunity of a lifetime, as the beauty of this region is simply beyond words to describe. The Dhobi Waterfall connects Elphinstone point to another point famous by the name of Lodwick Point. The waterfall is enclosed on all sides with rocks and due to continuous falling of water on them, they have turned green. During the monsoon season these waterfalls turn even more beautiful and tourists visiting this place during rainy season are lucky to enjoy the majestic and magnificent views of Dhobi Waterfall.

Activities: Local folks come here to spend quality time with their families, as it is an extremely popular picnic spot. You can click a lot of pictures of the Dhobi waterfall and the charming surroundings. After this, spend some time exploring the nearby places like Elphinstone Point and Lodwick Point to explore the natural charm spread all over this region which is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

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