Connaught Peak, Maharashtra

Connaught Peak

Location: Connaught Peak is located on the Old Mahabaleshwar Road and is known by the name of Mount Olympia.

Description: Connaught Peak is the second highest peak of Mahabaleshwar region. It has been named after the Duke of Connaught, who visited this place back in the year 1880. He was so amazed by the scenic beauty of this region that he renamed the peak and after that it became famous as Connaught Peak. The mountain is located at an altitude of nearly 1400 meters above sea level and is frequented by a lot of tourists. One can enjoy breathtaking views of the Krishna Valley from this peak. Venna Lake that flows nearby adds to the grace of this place. The visitors can get glimpse of Kamalgadh, Elphinstone Point, Pratapgad Ajikkyatara and Torana from Connaught Peak. Pasrani Ghat which lies on the eastern side of this Mountain can also be viewed.

Activities: This place is perfect for indulging in adventure activities, like riding and trekking, while enjoying the beauty of lush green surroundings of the region. You can click beautiful pictures in the verdant surroundings to be cherished lifelong. One can enjoy the true essence of natural beauty from the top of Mount Olympia and can spend several hours here in solitude.

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