Carnac Point, Maharashtra

Carnac Point

Location: Carnac Point is located in the close vicinity of the renowned Elephant’s Head Point in Mahabaleshwar.

Description: Carnac Point has been named after one of the governors of the British era, Sir James Rivett Carnac. He was one of those British viceroys who were stunned by the scenic charm of the locales of Mahabaleshwar region. To pay the lover of the city a tribute, this point has been named after him. The best part about visiting Carnac Point is its unbeatable views of the natural surroundings. It offers breathtaking views of the giant peaks of saddle back and abysses belonging to the Babington Point. The whole region remains covered in mesmerizing hues of green colors, owing to the presence of vegetation and flora. The beauty of this place is at its pinnacle during the month of October.

Activities: Carnac Point is popular among nature lovers due to the wonderful natural views one can enjoy from here. Though these views are a bit obstructed but that does not lessen the beauty of this region in any way, as a lot of local people and tourists gather here to enjoy the mesmerizing charm of orange colored sun in evening and capture panoramic views of the sunset. The whole scene has a mystic effect on your soul.

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