Babbington Point, Maharashtra

Babbington Point

Location: Babington Point is situated at a mere distance of 2.5 Km. from the main market of Mahabaleshwar region.

Description: Babington Point is located at an altitude of roughly 1300 meters above sea level and offers splendid views of the neighboring valleys of Solshi and Koyna. One can also get a clear glimpse of Chinaman Waterfalls. While going to Babington Point make sure that you halt at Bishop Tank where you can catch the view of a series of live stream which make it a truly wonderful place to visit. Visitors of Babington Point can witness the magnificent views of saddle back. A path that crosses from the middle of Babington Point leads to a lush green avenue and from this point amazing and mesmerizing views of the whole region can be enjoyed.

Activities: You can enjoy a pony ride that leads you to the Babington Point. It is a favorite trekking zone and is visited by thousands of trekkers all-round the year. Trekkers love to relish the green and interesting trails present here to truly enjoy the activity of trekking. Babington point is also popular amongst nature lovers and tourists like to click a lot of pictures of the scenic background and panoramic views of pristine nature.

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