Rajpuri Caves, Panchgani, Maharashtra

Rajpuri Caves, Panchgani

Location: The Rajpuri Caves are located in the beautiful terrain of Panchgani.

Description: The Rajpuri Caves are one amongst the most ancient attractions of the Panchgani region. These caves are enclosed by lakes from all sides and they make the whole view of the caves very picturesque. According to a few legendary tales, it is believed that the holy water from River Ganga also runs into these lakes. The temple of Lord Karthikeya, who was the son of Lord Shiva, is a major attraction here. A remarkable fact about the temple is that it has been constructed using the sand from these caves. It is believed that these caves served as shelter to the Pandavas of the Mahabharata during their exile. Thousands of devotees from all across the nation come here to offer their prayers to the lord.

Activities: The holy waters surrounding the cave are referred to as Kunds and worshippers often take a dip in these waters to get rid of all kinds of miseries, illnesses, etc. and seek peace, happiness and blessings from the almighty. Do not forget to check out the inscriptions carved on the walls of the temples. Images of Nandi are also present on the main entrance of the caves and are worth a look. 

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