Pratapgad Fort, Maharashtra

Pratapgad Fort

Location: Pratapgad Fort is located in the Satara District of the state of Maharashtra. It is approximately at a distance of 25 km. from the Mahabaleshwar region and it is easily reachable by hiring a cab.

Description: Pratapgad Fort is a site that is of great significance in the history of India, as the legendary battle of Pratapgad was fought on this land. The Fort has been placed at an altitude of about 1080 meters above sea level. The location of the fort at such great height permits the visitors of the Pratapgad Fort to get a clear glimpse of the roads connecting the hamlets of Par and Kinesvar. The whole view of the vicinity from the fort is simply superb.

The Fort has been divided into two parts; one is called the lower fort while the other part is known as the upper fort. The upper fort has been built upon the pinnacle of a hill and is roughly 180 meters in both length and width. In the north western direction of the fort, a temple has been constructed where Lord Shiva is worshipped as the presiding deity. A number of tall towers having a height of approximately 10 to 12 meters are also present in the South-eastern corner of the fort.

Activities: The architectural brilliance reflected in the construction of this majestic piece of art is truly worth witnessing. One can also capture the beauty of the nearby surroundings in his camera.

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