Morarji Castle, Maharashtra

Morarji Castle

Location: Morarji Castle is located at a distance of 32 km from Khed Railway Junction. It is approximately 2.1 km away from another famous tourist spot called Elephant’s Head Point and is easily accessible by means of taxis and cars.

Description: Mahabaleshwar is loaded with several interesting places to be visited on one’s trip to this beautiful land. Morarji castle is one amongst the many treasured possessions of Mahabaleshwar region. The castle has been carved in a style influenced strongly from the British architectural style. It is one of the most ancient structures present in Mahabaleshwar region and it never fails to catch the attention of tourists coming to this region. During the struggle for India’s freedom, Mahatma Gandhi loved to halt and take rest at Morarji Castle. The reflection of true colonial style architecture can also be spotted in the neighboring area of the Morarji Castle. All the structures and buildings present here give the visitor’s a glimpse of the bygone era.

Activities: Once the tourists complete the tour of Morarji Castle they love to explore the neighboring shopping area. Two most famous areas or shopping hubs are Town Bazaar and Imperial stores. Both these places are located in the proximity of the castle and they are perfect to savor the local cuisine or to pick up souvenirs for your near and dear ones.

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