White Water Rafting, Raison, Himachal Pradesh

White Water Rafting, Raison

Location: Raison being located on the banks of River Beas is very famous for rafting. It is located at an approximate distance of 12 km in the north of Kullu district on Manali Highway, in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Description: Raison is the commencing point for white river rafting trips on River Beas. This small cluster of villages is situated at a height of 1435 m. Tourists from all over the world consider Raison as one of the best spots to experience ultimate adventure and thrill of outdoor sports, like white river rafting. River Beas which is near Raison experiences turbulent up and down streams of water, which makes it absolutely fit for the adventurous activity of rafting. The rafts available in Raison can hold from five to eight passengers depending on their body weight. There are many places in this world where special cylinder tubes are used to maintain the turbulent rapids in the water but Raison is a place where tourists can enjoy rafting on the natural rapids of water. More the level of water in river Beas more will be the rapids to enjoy rafting. Well trained professionals are there to guide the tourists about this adventure sport and provide the equipments necessary for rafting, like inflatable rubber jackets and the multilayered inflatable raft made from rubber.

Activities: White River Rafting in Raison is provided with the best pricing. Proper provisions for safety are also available so that the adventure enthusiasts can enjoy each and every second of their rafting journey.

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