River Crossing, Himachal Pradesh

River Crossing

Location: Bhang and Aleo are some of the places, located in Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh, which are best for river crossing.

Description: River crossing is one of the popular outdoor activities which are really liked by adventure enthusiasts and it involves getting from one bank to the other bank of a river. Tourists visit Bhang and Aleo in large numbers, as these are well-known places for activities, like river crossing, in the whole world. People from all parts of the globe especially come to visit these places to experience the adventure of river crossing. It is recommended by the Tourism Department of Manali not to perform this activity in the absence of a professional trainer. To perform this task, one end of a thick rope is tied on one bank and other end to other bank of the river by professionals keeping in mind all the safety parameters. This activity is not performed during monsoon season because due to heavy rainfall the water level increases in the river and it can be very dangerous for people.

Activities: People who are fond of adventures and have tried these activities before can very well go ahead and enjoy the experience of river crossing at Manali under professional supervision.

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