Tripura Sundari Temple, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh

Tripura Sundari Temple, Naggar

Location: Tripura Sundari Temple is located nearby the bus station of Naggar village in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Description: Himalayan region is known as the holy land of gods and goddesses. Tripura Sundari Temple is one of the main tourist attractions and pilgrimage site for the people of Manali. This temple is a three storey shrine, which is entirely made from materials, like precious deodar wood and stone. It is believed that this temple was created in the shape of a web by Goddess Tripura herself after turning into a spider. This sacred place is built in the shape of a Pagoda and looks some way similar to the famous Hadimba temple in Manali. There is a beautiful idol of Goddess Tripura Sundri in this shrine who is wearing 21 masks. The idols of Lord Narayan, Ganesh, Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi can also be seen by tourists in this temple. The architecture style used to make this temple makes it look more fascinating.  Inside this temple, Goddess Tripura is crowned by a Chhatra which is made from gold metal.

Activities: Tourists can know more about the local traditions and culture on a visit to Naggar. Tourists can participate in Sharhi Yatra, which is a popular fair celebrated by the local people in the honor of Goddess Tripura Sundari in the month of May every year.

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