Jamula Temple, Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Jamula Temple, Malana

Location: Jamula Temple is located in Malana which is a valley on the side of Parvati valley. It lies in the north-east direction of Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. 

Description: Jamula temple is situated on a remote plateau in Malana, which is an ancient Indian village. In ancient times, a sage named Jamlu Rishi lived here in Malana. It is believed that the rules and regulations made by Sage Jamlu are still followed by the local people of this village, who belong to Gaddi tribe. They worship Jamlu Rishi as Jamblu Devta, a powerful deity. Visitors are requested not to touch the walls, houses or Malani people who are the inhabitants of this village otherwise they are expected to pay fine in terms of money to purify the objects by sacrificial of a lamb. This temple is now used as a council by Malani people. All sorts of disputes are solved by eleven Malani members, who are treated as the delegates of Jamblu Devta. The decision made by these members is vital and no suggestions are taken by any outsider or authority.

Activities: The marijuana fields in the mountains above Malana village are used for manufacturing Hashish. The Malana cream and various other drugs are imported from this part of India, which are very popular though expensive.

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