Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh


Location: Jagatsukh is located at a distance of 15 km from Naggar and it lies on the left-bank road to Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Description: Nast was the name given to Jagatsukh in ancient times. Jagatsukh is a small road-side village which is a great evidence of medieval history and Shikhara architecture. The Sandhya Gayatri Temple situated in this village is a famous temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and houses a beautiful figure of the two deities. It is believed that this temple was built by Raja Udham Pal nearby thirteenth century, while some people say that it was built during eighth century. Tourists may also travel by local buses, which keep plying to Jagatsukh. The old guesthouses and fruit orchard of this village look amazing. Traveling in a local bus will cost you less money and takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach this village. Minicabs are also available in Manali which take tourists on a trip to the main attractions of the region and will take about two to three hours to complete the whole journey.

Activities: The best time to visit Jagatsukh is during the month of May to October. Gauri Shankar Temple, the chalet–roofed temple and Chachohli Jatra are some of the main attractions of Jagatsukh which are worth visiting.

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