Rafting, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Rafting, Kullu

Location: If you are planning to do rafting this season, then zip up your wetsuit and get ready to glide in an inflatable raft in the streams of Beas in Kullu. 

Description: For those who want more adventure and thrills in a rafting experience should travel to Kullu this year. You will have a great time while gliding on the rising waves of River Beas. Keep moving the paddles to watch the mesmerizing landscapes of this beautiful valley. There is nothing better than the long rafting rides along the gushes of River Beas, so read to say “set, wet and go”. No other transport service can get as much closer to the hidden beauty of Kullu, as a raft in this river does. White river rafting is something that every sightseer must experience in Kullu. The experience of enjoying the spectacular Himalayan panoramas while cruising along the River is beyond words. As you move further, the higher grades of river will add wilderness to your rafting tour. If you are a novice, get guidance from Himachal Mountaineering Institute and Allied Sports, and you are all set to take your rafting tour with pride.

Activities: Various other activities are offered in Kullu from end of April to June and mid-September to October. So, you have much time to plan a trip soon.

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