Jagannathi Devi Temple (Bekhli Temple), Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Jagannathi Devi Temple (Bekhli Temple), Kullu

Location: Jagannathi Devi Temple lies in the village of Bekhli at a distance of 3 km from the beautiful hill station of Kullu. While at this temple, a person can experience an amazing and beautiful view of the Kullu valley, as it is located at an altitude of 1800 m.

Description: The construction of this temple is believed to date back to 1500 years. This ancient temple is also known as Bekhli Temple and is visited by a large number of natives and tourists alike. The presiding deity of Jagannathi Devi Temple is goddess Bhuweneshwari, who is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s sister. Interiors of the temple are beautifully carved with different avatars of goddess Durga. The construction of the temple gives a glimpse of the local architecture; however the idols are designed according to the Rajasthani style. A visit to this temple can calm a wanderer’s mind; therefore this attraction must be included in your itinerary.

Activities: In the vicinity of the Jagannathi Devi Temple lies a vast array of attractions that can be visited while on a trip to the city. Shopaholics can also indulge in shopping of different handicrafts and local made goods that are available at reasonable rates.

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