Shri Yogishwar Mutt, Karnataka

Shri Yogishwar Mutt

Location: Shri Yogishwar Mutt is located in Kadali hills nearby Shri Manjunath temple in Mangalore city of Karnataka, India.

Description: Shri Yogishwar Mutt is a highly revered spiritual centre which is one of the famous tourist attractions of Mangalore. This place is also famous as the Jogi Mutt all over the world. Being located in Kadali hills, Kadali Yogishwar Mutt is another name given to this spiritual centre. An idol of Kala Bhairava, a horrid manifestation of Lord Shiva, is worshipped by sages of this mutt. This is one of the most religious places of Mangalore and it is full of peace. Kal Bhairava is associated with destruction. He is considered as the most powerful deity of state Karnataka. The idol of Lord Bhairava is black in color. Devotees need to step up the stairs at the entrance to go inside the temple. This temple also houses numerous cattle and the sages have deep affection for these cows. The Lord Kal Bhairava, who is worshipped as Grama Devta or a village deity by the local people, safeguards his devotees from all problems.

Activities: Besides praying atShri Yogishwar Mutt, tourists can also visit several small temples located nearby and watch the sages of the mutt perform unique rituals to worship God.

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