River Nandini, Katil, Karnataka

River Nandini, Katil

Location: Nandini River originates at a spot which is about 8 miles away from Durga Parameshwari temple in Katil of Karnataka state, India.

Description: Nandini River has an interesting story attached to its origin. It is believed that the region of Katil was badly affected by a drought and it did not rain here for a long time. Jabali was a great sage, who wanted to help Katil’s people, so he requested Lord Indra to take Kamdhenu along with her for Yajna, but he denied and asked Jabali to take Nandini, the daughter of holy cow Kamdhenu. But she refused and appealed Goddess Durga to redeem her from curse. Goddess Durga promised her to be born as Nandini’s daughter in the middle of river and she would attain purification. Thus, Jabali did immolation and this way the deities were pleased and earth was happy once again. That is why the temple is situated in the middle of River Nandini and the place is known as Katil, which means centre area and the birthplace of river Nandini. The famous Durga Parameshwari temple is located on the banks of River Nandini. There is a beautiful fountain outside the temple with a statue of a woman holding kalash in her hand and pouring water into the river.

Activities: Devotees should visit this place to experience sanctity that surrounds the region and enjoy a magnificent view of River Nandini which cannot be described in words.

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