Pilikula Park and Golf Course, Karnataka

Pilikula Park and Golf Course

Location: Pilikula Park and Golf course is located in Vamanjoor, which is near Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India.

Description: Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is a huge place, which consists of Pilikula Park and Golf course. The Pilikula Park is divided into three parts, one is Pilikula Lake, second is the combination of a theme park, zoo and Manasa water park, and the last but not the least, is the golf course. The Kannada word Pilikula means Tiger-Lake. The Mangalore City Corporation has developed this area for tourists so they can experience the scenic beauty of this lake. Pilikula comprises of a big lake surrounded by a natural garden. Beautiful birds, such as swans and ducks, can be seen here which enhance the beauty of this lake. On the other hand, the Pilikula garden is a huge manicured garden rich in the collection of tress and various wild animals. The main attractions of this zoo are the animals which are not kept in cages but in an open yard. Metallic snare are used to split the area for animals and visitors for protection. The Pilikula golf course is spread in an area of 48 acres and many golfers visit this region annually. There are nine fairways, nine greens and about 3131 yards in this course.

Activities: Tigers, leopards, bears and various other animals can be seen moving freely inside this zoo. Tourists can also enjoy boating in the lake.

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