Pisharnath Temple, Maharashtra

Pisharnath Temple

Location: Pisharnath Temple is located in Matheran, which is a hill station in Maharashtra, on the banks of a picturesque lake, called Charlotte.

Description: Pisharnath temple is also known as Pisharnath Mahadev temple. This old temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is believed to be the deity of the village or Gram Devta. This temple houses a Shivling which is covered with sindoor. In India, sindoor is usually worn by Hindu married women along the parting of hair. It is believed that wearing sindoor leads to long life of their husbands. The lingam or Shivling in this temple appears in the shape of letter ‘L’. This temple is located about 2516 feet above the sea level. Matheran which is a hill station itself and this temple are considered as the main attractions. This temple is surrounded by greenery of trees and grass which makes it look more fascinating. Hindu architectural style is used to build this temple and the pink color used to decorate this temple adds to its beauty.

Activities: Surrounded by picturesque views, Pisharnath temple is visited by devotees to worship the deity to get relief from various ailments and also on specific occasions, like when buying a new vehicle.

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