Government Museum, Uttar Pradesh

Government Museum

Location: Government Museum is a prominent attraction of Mathura and located near historic Dampier Park in Mathura city.

Description: Government Museum is also known by the name Mathura Museum. Curzon Museum of Archaeology was the initial name of this place, which was later on converted to Government Museum. This museum is aesthetically beautiful and famous for its collection of stones and sculptures all over the world. In the year 1874, this museum was founded by Sir F.S. Growse, the then collector of Mathura District. This museum houses a rich collection of artifacts, pottery, sculptures, paintings and coins. The museum also demonstrates the discoveries made by Alexander Cunningham, F.S. Growse and Furher, who were among the famous colonial archeologists. The ancient sculptures made using Greco-Buddhist art and Hellenistic art are a part of this museum. These sculptures might belong to the period of 3rd century BC to 12th century AD during Kushan and Gupta dynasty. On October 9, 1974 a postage stamp was issued by the Government of India. The statue of Kanishka, head of Buddha and a four-armed seated Lord Vishnu, are some of the famous items of ancient period that can be seen by tourists in this museum. At present, Government Museum is one of the most popular tourist places of Uttar Pradesh.

Activities: A visit to this museum is the best way to explore items of archaeological importance and view artifacts and other things used in ancient period.

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