Vishram Ghat, Uttar Pradesh

Vishram Ghat

Location: Vishram Ghat, a sacred bath and place of worship, is located on the banks of holy River Yamuna in Mathura city.

Description: Vishram Ghat is one of the main Ghats of Mathura City. There are total twenty five Ghats situated on the banks of holy River Yamuna, but Vishram Ghat is considered as the most popular Ghat among Hindu people. It is believed that Lord Krishna killed cruel King Kansa and relaxed here along with his family members after performing all the funeral rites in Dhruv Ghat. Due to this reason, Hindu devotees consider it as a pilgrimage place and believe that taking bath in the river will end all their calamities. According to the Hindu tradition, the circumambulation or Prakaram begins and concludes only at Vishram Ghat. This sacred Ghat is used for specific ceremonies by Hindu people, such as performing funeral rites and some devotees come here only to get peace or Moksha. In the moon light, the view of floating lamps with massive lights, along with the petals of flowers, enhances the beauty of sacred River Yamuna.

Activities: On every evening, the Hindu priests ignite lamps in the honor of holy River Yamuna and Lord Krishna and all the devotees present enchant prayers together.

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