Ghats, Uttar Pradesh


Location: Ghats are sacred areas and located on the banks of Yamuna River in Mathura district, Vrindavan.

Description: Ghats are the areas located around the banks of the holy River Yamuna in Mathura. These Ghats are used for worshiping and bathing by Hindu people. There are 25 Ghats in Mathura and some of them are Akrura Ghat, Chakratirtha Ghat, Dashashwarmedh Ghat, Ganesh Ghat, Kankhal Ghat, Kesi Ghat, Krishnaganga Ghat, Prayag Ghat, Saraswathi Sangam Ghat, Vishram Ghat and Yamuna Ghat. Vishram Ghat is the main Ghat from which the devotees begin and conclude the circumambulation according to the Hindu tradition. Devotees walk down a series of steps leading to the water, sprinkle some water drops on their body and then take customary dips in holy River Yamuna. These sacred areas are used for specific Hindu ceremonies by Hindu people, such as to pay homage to their ancestors. In the evening time, the view of these Ghats looks magnificent when the devotees ignite lamps to worship Lord Krishna and float them in the water of river Yamuna.

Activities: The best time when devotees should visit Ghats is the evening time when the priests perform prayers and rituals to worship Lord Krishna and chant prayers in the honor of the deity.

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