Montfort School, Tamil Nadu

Montfort School

Location: A well established co-educational institute, Montfort School is located near Salem, a city lying in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is a residential school which was started by 3 English men.

Description: Montfort School was established in 1917 by Brother Denis with an aim of providing education to boys. However, over the years it has become a co-educational residential school. This school was built during the First World War and was a European school. During the period that lies between the years 1936-1942, additions were made to this school which includes the construction of school chapel. The school is constructed according to Franco-Indian style of architecture. The school’s entrance has three symmetrical walls which are grey in color and represent three stalwarts, people who started the school. The school campus has beautifully designed buildings, huge playgrounds, swimming pools and beautiful gardens. The school also houses a zoo, which is open for public during the weekends.

Activities: The school is an attraction that must be visited while in the city. After visiting this magnificently designed structure, tourists can also mark a visit to the nearby attractions such as Pagoda Point, Small Lake or the Botanical Garden and enjoy their day in a wonderful way.

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