Hazarat Bal Mosque, Andhra Pradesh

Hazarat Bal Mosque

Location: A sacred shrine, Hazarat Bal Mosque, is located in Krishna District of Vijayawada, lying in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Description: An important shrine for the people belonging to Muslim community, Hazarat Bal Mosque is believed to house holy relics of Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam. He is regarded as the last Prophet and messenger of God by the Muslims. Hazarat Bal Mosque is a unique structure in itself and attracts devotees and visitors from near and far. People, irrespective of their religion or caste, mark a visit to this holy place and pay homage to the prophet. The pilgrims are allowed to view Prophet Mohammed’s relics once a year and it is believed to be a good omen. It is also believed that the mosque has special powers and devotees visiting this place are blessed with good luck. So a visit to this shrine should not be missed while on a trip to Vijayawada.

Activities: After paying homage at the mosque, tourists can visit other attractions that lie in the vicinity. These include various temples as well as different monuments. Tourists can also indulge in shopping of various goods which are readily available at different shops and are priced reasonably.

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