Lord Srikanteshwara Temple , Nanjangud, Karnataka

Lord Srikanteshwara Temple , Nanjangud

Location: Locatedin the southern Indian city of Mysore, Srikanteshwara Temple is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage centers located in Nanjangud. 

Description: Mysore is a sacred place of great historical importance, located on the banks of Kabini or Kapila River. The shrine of Nanjangud at Mysore, known as Srikanteshwara Temple, is entirely dedicated to the great deity, Lord Shiva, who is also known by the name Lord Nanjundeshwara. Nanjangud also known as Dakshina Kashi or Prayag of South is a religious land of immense significance for Hindu devotees. Nanjundeshwara is a Kannada word which means the god who drank poison and that is how the Nanjangud town got its name. Nanjangud town is a religious land famous for Ayurvedic medicines which are prepared here and marketed all over India. It is believed that the great sage Gaudhama lived here for a certain period of time and installed a lingam which is an idol of Lord Shiva.

Activities: Dodda Jathre is a famous Hindu festival that is celebrated every year in the honor of Lord Shiva. This fest attracts a large number of devotes to enjoy an incredible view when five chariots carrying idols of lord Srikanteshwara, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganpati, Lord Subramanya and Lord Chandikeshwara are pulled in the Ratha Beedi of this town.

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