Kesava Temple, Karnataka

Kesava Temple

Location: If you are planning a tour to Mysore, then your journey is incomplete if you do not visit the finest piece of architecture “The Kesava Temple”, located in Somanathapura.

Description: Kesava Temple is one of the main tourist attractions of Mysore which attracts huge number of devotees throughout the year. Hoysala architecture style used to build this temple enhances the importance of this historic temple, which was built by Soma who was the commander under King Narsimha III during Hoysala dynasty in 1268 C.E. The ceiling of main hall stands on lathe turned pillars.  The ceiling is ornamented with multi-petal lotuses and banana bud motif. There are three main shrines here, one shrine is dedicated to Lord Keshava and other two shrines are dedicated to Janardhana and Venugopala. All the three idols are a form of Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. The sculptures demonstrating the decorated chariots, soldiers, horse riders, camel drawn vehicles, dancers and musicians is the best way to experience the art of medieval period in South Indian. The names of artists who sculptured every structure of this shrine are inscribed on a stone.

Activities: The extraordinary architecture of this shrine makes it a significant religious centre and it is prime attraction that attracts tourists and architects from all over the world.

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