Submarine Museum, Andhra Pradesh

Submarine Museum

Location: Submarine Museum was constructed in a real submarine belonging to Indian Navy. This museum is one of its kinds, which is located on the Ramakrishna Beach in the city of Vijayawada.

Description: Submarine Museum has a special place in the tourism map of Vijayawada. The submarine in which the museum is present was known as INS Kurusura and was used in the year 1970 by the Indian defense. Constructed by Russians, this submarine is believed to be Navy’s fourth submarine. Interiors of the submarine are decorated with models that depict various officers at work. The cabins of this underwater vessel have been preserved as they used to be and with the help of guides, tourists can take a round of this magnificent museum. A trip of this museum helps the visitors to understand the working of submarine, as well as of the officers that were on board.  A visit to this museum can be a memorable one as usually people do not get a chance to view a submarine from inside. So while in Vijayawada, remember to visit this amazing museum.

Activities: After exploring the museum, tourists can also plan a visit to nearby attractions. They can visit Prakasam Barrage, Bhavani Island or even Undavalli Caves to make their trip to Vijayawada an enriching experience.

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