Karanji Kere Lake, Karnataka

Karanji Kere Lake

Location: Situated in Mysore, Karanji Kere Lake is a beautiful and one of the highest navigable lakes in India.

Description: Karanji Kere Lake majestically covers a total area of about 90 hectares. Today the region is known for its abundant wildlife and birdlife. Among its other attractions are the Nature Park and the Regional Museum of Natural History located on the banks of this lake. Owned by Mysore Zoo Authority, this lake offers you glimpses of rare animal and bird species on earth. Herons and egrets are migratory birds present here and are responsible for enhancing the significance of this region. This lake offers a spectacular view of birdlife. White peacocks, hornbills, turkeys and black swans can be seen in the aviary at Karanji Lake. Mysore Zoo located on the banks of Karanji Kere Lake contributes immensely in the Mysore’s tourism sector and attracts huge number of tourists throughout the year. Butterfly Park created on a small island of this lake has wowed visitors from all over the world. An extraordinary experience to discover numerous species of butterflies in this park is unlike any other place.

Activities: Karanji Kere Lake lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of copious species of birds and wildlife only at one place. Enjoy a magical walk along the banks of this lake which is sure to attract wildlife lovers of all ages.

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