Oriental Research Institute, Karnataka

Oriental Research Institute

Location: The Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library at Mysore is one of the India’s most influential research institutes with an outstanding record of rare manuscripts in University of Kerala.

Description: The Oriental Research Institute is one of the leading centers in academic studies of history, culture, languages and literature of Indian subcontinent. This research institute emphasizes on collecting, exhibiting, editing and publishing rare manuscripts in Sanskrit and Kannada. The great King Chamarajendra Wodeyar X initiated this library in the year 1891 and formerly it was known as Oriental Library. It was renamed as Oriental Research Institute (ORI) in the year 1943. Till date, this research institute has published about two hundred titles. One of the rare collections of this library is Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics by James Hastings, A Vedic Concordance by Maurice Bloomfield and significant collections of epics ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’. Mysore Orientalist is a famous journal that is published by this institute annually. Conventional methods are followed by the institute to preserve the manuscripts kept in the library.

Activities: Oriental Research Institute is an interesting place for history lovers. Visitors have a great opportunity to see 33,000 Palm Leaf manuscripts for reference and if you are interested, you can also read them in the museum.

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