National Museum on Natural History, Karnataka

National Museum on Natural History

Location: Located on the banks of Karanji Lake in Mysore, National Museum of Natural History is an aristocratic structure that exhibits samples depicting the plants, animals and geology of the southern region of India.

Description: National Museum of Natural History is also famous as Regional Museum of Natural History which is located in Mysore city of India. The museum comprises of three galleries names as Biological diversity, Life through the Ages and The Discovery center. The first section of Biological Diversity gallery exhibits the biodiversity of Southern region of India. Other sections are about tropical rain forests of different countries, their diversity, global benefits, significance of wetlands and mangrove forests and a diorama of marine habitat. Second gallery, Life through the Ages is a walk through tunnel that depicts evolution of life. The Discovery Center, the last gallery of this museum, houses a discovery room, a computer room, a vivarium and a mini weather station. This anthology museum overlooking Chamundi Hills is one of the ancient buildings in Mysore.

Activities: Various events are organized at the museum from time to time aimed at increasing awareness among people about the environment. The most exciting part is that visitors can study and examine the specimens in the discovery room.

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