Talakad, Karnataka


Talakad lies in the middle of River Cauvery and is an archaeological site of prime importance for the state of Karnataka. The area has lost its 30 temples as they are presently buried under the sheets of sand. Vaideshyara temple is one the major attractions here.

It is the only temple visible on this land, while the rest of them continue to sleep under the sands. Lord Shiva is the main deity worshipped here and the temple has been decorated with the Dravidian architectural style. Panchalingams is another great place and comprises of Mallikarjuna, Vaideshyara, Arkeshwara, Vasukishwara or Pataleshwara and Saikateshwara or Maraleshwara. Pataleshwara Shivalinga is very popular amongst visitors due to the fact that temple changes its color. It is red in the fresh mornings and then goes black under the afternoon sun and finally, white at night.

Many Myths are associated with this historical site and a very famous curse that is linked to this sandy place is that according to the beliefs of people, Alamelamma, who was a pious lady, cursed the king belonging to the Woodeyar dynasty for an unknown reason. Panchalinga Darshana is the best time to visit in Talakad. An occasion is celebrated once in a period of twelve years in the month of November and the celebrations continue for about ten days.

The celebrations start from early morning at 4.30 a.m. and end at 11 p.m. in the night. Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation or KSTDC offers a 1 day tour packages for the devotees and other visitors during this special event. Talakad is only 45 Kms from the Mysore city and 185 Kms from Bangalore city. It can be reached by road.

You can even board a train from the Mysore railway station.

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