Melukote Temple, Karnataka

Melukote Temple

Melukote temple is one of the most popular sacred places of the state of Karnataka. Melukote region is bejeweled with many religious sites and is built upon a hill of rocks surpassing the River Cauvery. Thirunarayanapuram is another name for this town and it is blessed with two major temple attractions, including a few Kalyanis and Mantapas.

The two main temples of Melukote are Tirunarayana temples, located at the foot of the Yadavgiri hill and Yoga Narasimha, which stands on the top of the hill. Tirunarayana has a square form and Lord Cheluva Narayana Swami is the main deity worshipped here, while as the hill top temple is devoted to the worshipping of Lord Yoga Narsimha. There is a large pond in the Yoga Narsimha temple, named Kalyani Teertha, and is constructed on the inside part of the temple. Vairamundi festival celebrated in the month of March and April is the best time to visit the temples and the best thing during the celebration is the parade of the Cheluvaya Naran Swamy’s idol, which is adorned with a diamond crown.

According to the beliefs, it is considered unlucky to see the diamond crown when it is not worn by the idol and hence, the priest blindfolds himself when he is about to crown the idol. It is a very famous and joyous event and about 4 lakh tourists and worshippers become a part of this celebration each year. You can enjoy climbing up to the temple of Yoga Narsima. The view from the top of the hill is mesmerizing and is simply beyond words to explain. Taking a plunge in the lake is an exciting activity too. The temple is merely fifty kilometers away from Mysore and can be visited in a single up-down trip.

However, the temple is 150 Kms from Bangalore and you can reach there through the Bangalore-Mysore highway and halt at Mandya. Melukote is nearby Mandya and can be reached by taking a right turn from there. Pandavara in Mandya marks the nearest railhead.

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