Srirangapatnam Fort, Srirangapatna, Karnataka

Srirangapatnam Fort, Srirangapatna

This fort is one of the country’s famous monuments and is also known as Tipu’s Palace. Indo-Islamic style of architecture can be seen across the palace with inscriptions in Persian at the gate of the palace, denoting the date of construction i.e. 1537.

The fort consists of “Lal Mahalâ€Â in which the daring king of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, used to reside. The fort was built in a unique way, having a double defense wall and comprises of 4 entrances, named as - Bangalore, Delhi, Mysore and Water and Elephant gates. The two lower compartments of the two dungeons are a must visit. They were particularly used as a place where arrested British Soldiers were detained. This fort also has a mosque and the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, devoted to Lord Krishna, which is popular for its Gopuram. The painting “the storming of Seringapattamâ€Â by Sir Robert Ker can be seen on a wall of the fort. The views, in the form paintings, depicting Tipu Sultan’s win over British also add glory to the fort.

The Chaturvimsati Pillar that has carving of 24 forms of Vishnu is a must see & is located at the inner entrance of the fort. The island formed by river Cauvery is the place where the fort has scenically been located. This fort is a must see attraction in Mysore which highlights and glorifies the history and culture that was prevalent at the time of Tipu Sultan.

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