Telankhedi Shiv Temple, Maharashtra

Telankhedi Shiv Temple

Location: Located near Telankadi Lake, Telankhedi Shiv Temple is one of the most beautiful and ancient temple of Nagpur and it is situated opposite to the Telankhedi Hanuman Temple and close to the Japanese Rose Garden.

Description: Telankhedi Shiv Temple is highly popular and the presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva. The history of this temple dates back to many years and that is why it is a major attraction for tourists all over the world. At the temple entrance, there is a magnificent structure of Nandi. A Shiva Lingam, a representation of Lord Shiva is installed in the sanctum of this temple. According to Hindu religion, Shiva Lingam is considered as a holy symbol of energy and potentiality of Lord Shiva. In addition to this, there are sculptures of various gods and goddesses around the temple. Ancient temples have always remained significant among people due to religious beliefs associated with them and their beautiful architecture. The Telankhedi Shiva Temple is an evidence of the magnificent art of medieval period and traditions of Hindu culture. Visiting the temple and worshipping and meditating in its serene ambiance are sure to bring peace and happiness into the lives of devotees.

Activities: Mahashivaratri is a renowned Hindu festival celebrated by devotees all over India and large number of devotees visit Telankhedi Shiv Temple on this auspicious occasion.

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